22 Dec 2019

Hong Kong 6 Days & 5 Night

Hong Kong

Ideal Duration: 6D/5N
Best Time to Visit: All year round
Dubbed as the gastronomic capital of Asia, Hong Kong is known for its iconic buildings, world class theme parks and a vibrant culture that is noticeable at every nook and corner. Apart from its cultural and architectural marvels, Hong Kong also boasts a Visa on Arrival policy that enable Indians for a 14 day visa-free stay, provided, you complete their pre-arrival registration as new rules.

Places to visit: Victoria Harbour, Kowloon

Must Things-to-do: Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, AquaLuna Evening Sail, Ngong Ping 360

Known for: Cuisine, Temples, Victoria’s Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shopping, Skyline and Architecture

Minimum Budget: INR 80,000-1,00,000

Approximate Flight Charge INR 20,000-30,000 per person


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