30 Mar 2020

6 Body Language Tricks to Remember during an Interview

In an interview, it is important to get the message across that you are trustworthy and reliable. While good answers make you appear knowledgeable and confident, it is body language that will show you are capable. Here are 6 things that will help you make a good impression.
1. Good posture: How we carry ourselves is a display of how confident we are. A job interview typically begins in the waiting room. Your possible future colleagues may be observing you. So sit tall with your chin aligned to the ground. Do not slouch. Good posture not only makes us appear confident but it also affects the chemicals in our brains to make us feel confident.
2. Firm Handshake: A handshake can be a clue to the personality of the people. To come across as grounded and sure it is important to have a firm, not an iron, handshake. Keep it natural and neutral by keeping the thumb up and two to three pumps up and down. Also, make sure you wait for the interviewer to extend the hand first.
It is also important to keep your palms dry for the handshake. Sweaty palms make you appear insecure. So wash your hands with cold water before your interview.
3. Steady Eye Contact: The interviewer must believe you are authentic to offer you the job. Maintaining an appropriate amount of eye contact ensures that you appear genuine and appearances are a lot in an interview.
4. Being Relaxed: This does not mean you lean back into your chair with your arm behind your head. It just means avoid fidgeting. If you play with your hair or crack your knuckles or tap your feet, it would be advisable to make a conscious effort to refrain from doing so.
5. Appearing interested: Shifting in your chair, crossing and uncrossing your legs can make you appear distracted. You can instead slightly lean forward, keep both your feet on the ground and nod occasionally to show you are interested in the conversation.
6. Good Smile: A smile conveys openness and warmth. Smiling sets off mirror neurons in the listener making them smile back and helping you from appearing grim.

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