30 Mar 2020

Interview Mistakes You can easily avoid

Interviews are the exams of adult life. It is impossible not to make mistakes. But there are a few we can surely avoid by taking a little care. Here is a list:
1. Being Unprepared: Though it is common knowledge that being prepared for an interview is important, it is surprising how many candidates choose not to. Preparation does not mean skimming through the JD and glancing at the employer’s website. To be well prepared for an interview it is important to have done complete research on the company, practised scenarios and thought of specific examples.
2. Being late: It is important to arrive at the location of the interview before time. Keep in mind short buffer time does not take into account last-minute problems like a traffic accident. It is better to arrive early than arrive late or just in time. Apart from displaying lack of commitment it also makes you agitated before an interview.
3. Being underdressed/overdressed: Always be aware of the culture of the company and their dress code. It is always a safe option to be dressed in formals and wear closed shoes. Make sure you are well-groomed and makeup is light. It is important to be comfortable in what you are wearing and are not worried about the neckline or your cuffs.
4. Not speaking about salary: As a job-seeker is necessary to understand the industry norms and how the employer is as a paymaster. During a salary discussion, it is in your service to be informed and ask questions rather than let the interviewers decide for you and end up with lesser than what you were prepared for.

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