30 Mar 2020

Interview The Most Difficult Question and How to answer it

Interviewers are always curious about why anyone will want to leave a job that pays bills every month. Hence they ask, what most candidates consider, the ‘most difficult’ question. “Why are you looking for a new job?”
Your answer to this question should be both diplomatic and authentic. Indeed a challenge.
Here are a few ways you can sail through this storm:
1. Start with a Praise to your Current Employer: A generic way to do this by saying, “They have given me some great opportunities and learnings and I am sorry to leave. But the future is exciting and I am looking forward to that.” This shows the right amount of enthusiasm. Keeping emotions out of the conversation reassures the interviewer that you will not indulge in gossip. This also displays loyalty and respect to your employer.
2. Avoid discussing people: According to survey the biggest reason for anyone to quit their job is people. Interviewers are aware of this but wonder about your role in the blend if you speak of ill of your colleagues. Instead, talk about outdated policies or slow technology that may be inhibiting your work.
3. Focus on your goal: Keep your conversation centred on opportunities that the future holds. A subtle shift in language towards possibilities will go a long way in making an impact.
4. It should be about self-improvement: Learning is one of the most sought-after traits when selecting a candidate for a job. Your focus on your improvement either in-terms of career advancement or skill development indicates that you are someone who can grow with the company. It also shows that you can work through the typical challenges of boredom. It is important to show the interviewer that you have taken every possible step to make it work with your current employer but the opportunities have been limited. Prepare a good response as your reason for quitting will be a part of every job interview.

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