30 Mar 2020

Understanding Interviewer Psychology

Interviewers like all of us are humans who are just trying to do their job. Here are a few things you, as a candidate, need to understand about them.
1. They want to find the best person for the job: Interviewers, have a vacancy to fill and they are hoping you will be the right one. Interviews are stressful and they have a lot of candidates to look at. They do not want to put you in a job you can’t excel in.
2. They are busy: Rest assured taking interviews is not the only job interviewers do. They have a real job that requires their attention. So if you do not get a quick response to your follow-up emails, do not take it personally. They just have a lot on their plate.
3. They can be tied down by the HR: Interviewers are sometimes required to stick to a set of questions, not give feedback and not commit to timelines. This is because the HRs have placed unreasonable restrictions.
4. They are worried about making the wrong choice: Wrong choices can be expensive. Even for interviewers. If you are a wrong hire, it will lead them to decide to fire you. Which is never a pleasant thing to do. So they drill you to make sure you are the right choice.
5. They are looking to hire someone they get along with: When you are hired it is not just for the job. It also because interviewers believe you will fit in well at the workplace. They also tend to wonder how you will be as a colleague. It does not help if you are arrogant and unpleasant.
6. They want someone who is easy to manage: No one wants someone who needs hand-holding or someone who complains or sulks when given feedback. Neither do people want a yes-man whose contribution to the project may be inconsequential.
7. They expect you to help them figure why you are a good hire: Although interviewers probe, they want you to help them see why you are a good fit for the company. It is not a pleasure to force people to answer.
8. They won’t always tell you what they think: Interviewers are not your best friends. They will not stop you when you rant about your current employer. They might even nod encouragingly to see how far you would go. After all, you are showing them your true nature.
9. They are looking for what you are not telling them: People are not the most candid in an interview. So interviewers are trying to understand what you are hiding and how important this information is.
10. They hate rejecting people: Interviewers do not gain anything by denying you the job. It is just their duty to find the right person for the job.
So remember that in an interview everyone is hoping for the best outcome.

Tech Bitan All

Founder & CEO

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