30 Mar 2020

Signs that show you are not prepared for the interview

Many candidates believe they can sail through an interview without any preparation and the interviewers wouldn’t notice. But the signs of being unprepared are glaringly obvious. Some of the ways people can see through this are listed below.
1. You have no idea about the company culture: Understanding the company culture is the best way to show that you are a good fit for the role. If you do not leverage on this, it shows that you have not spent the time to understand something very basic.
2. Your answer to, “Why this company,” is unclear: This is one of the most common questions in an interview to have a shabby answer for this shows your lack of interest in the company and the role you are seeking.
3. You are unaware of the Mission and Vision of the company: The mission and vision of the company are the primary pillars of what build a company. To understand them means having knowledge about the history of the company and what they stand for.
4. You are not informed about their press presence: Press articles are showing the current state of the company and the public opinion surrounding it. Being up to date with the company allows you to ask intelligent questions to express involvement.
5. You are unsure about the JD: It is a must to know the JD like the back of your hand. Lack of any knowledge of the same will immediately be seen as lethargic and disinterested. You do not want to waste precious time by understanding the JD during the interview.
6. You do not have any smart questions to ask: The questions you ask when you are given the chance is when you can show off your knowledge and stand apart from the crowd. Having dull or no questions shows that you will not go that extra mile to be better.
7. Your answers are not precise: If your answers are wordy and don’t drive a point they are not going to believe anything you tell them. It shows that you have not seriously considered the role and why are sitting there. It is a huge giveaway of your level of preparation.
Interviews with any firm is a chance to learn something about the company, industry and how adaptable you are. So instead of trying to wing it, make an effort to prepare. For it is true that. “Practice makes perfect.”

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Founder & CEO

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