30 Mar 2020

Ways to Impress your Interviewer

Impressing your interviewer is the best way to get your dream job and there are things you can do to be that person they can’t afford to let go.
1. One sample of your best work: While it is always important to have a portfolio for creative jobs for non-creative jobs you can have one sample of your work that shows off your ability or achievement. It is best to limit it to one as overwhelming the interviewer is not a great idea.
2. Offer to do a free project or sample work: Offer to do a small project or sample for them but make sure you do not fall into the unpaid intern or volunteer loop. This can be a win-win where you get useful feedback and the employers get free sample work.
3. Don’t question the financial health of the company: Asking when they intend on going IPO is a huge turnoff. Avoid doing that unless you want to come across as someone who is not interested in the growth of the company and are just looking for a quick payday.
4. Point out a mistake by the company: This might not always be possible but when you look through their website or any other place where they have put up their work and find something wrong, show it to them. Also, make sure you know how to correct the mistake. Rightly done it will show your investment towards the company and its progress.
5. Ask smart questions: Yes or no questions are not impressive. It is important to use questions to show off your knowledge on the subject or the process or the company itself. Ask questions that will make your interviewers think.
6. Make eye contact: Keeping consistent eye contact will make you seem confident. It could also be charming if you don’t overdo it by not blinking at all. It will surely make you stand out of the herd.
7. Craft compelling stories: Storytelling is an art and when used to answer mundane interview questions can quickly become your asset. Do that extra bit and prepare stories for questions like “Tell us about yourself” or “What was your experience like in the current company.”
8. Use the company’s core value: Aligning your values to that of the company’s and you will have a great answer to the question “Why do you want to work here.” It also makes the interviewer feel like you will fit in well with the mission of the company.

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